Bottom Dealing - Way to Win Playing Poker

Are you still wondering how some certain poker professional dealers or just masters of a poker cheating are managing with all those cards manipulations they use in order to create the best hand? Well then you have certainly came to the right place as right now we are going to tell you all the details and the most interesting facts about such kind of poker cheating as bottom dealing.

How much time do you think those professional cheaters have spent in order to develop the masterfully clever hands to perform such invisible though rather profitable skill? How about several years of practice to gain the fully perfection? We are giving you a prompt right now that it is not that easy to become a master of such a powerful skill of cheating as bottom dealing.

In case you are deeply interested in it, you can freely find some video records about the way how they do it, though in a moment you will realize that this looks absolutely impossible.

How Does it Look Like?

Well the whole thing about is just keeping the bottom card at the bottom of the deck though a dealer must know those cards he wants to deal to himself and put them right at the bottom of the deck. While dealing the cards to the other players at the table, when it comes to the dealer himself, he absolutely invisibly picks put a card from the bottom of the deck and deals it to himself. As a result a dealer may have even the highest possible hand among the others at poker table. Moreover the skillful cheated while being a dealer may not only deal the strong hand to himself, but can also deal those community cards which are the most suitable for that certain hand. The point here is not just about the skill itself but mostly it is all about the way it’s being performed.

The Ideal Bottom Dealing

However, in the ideal situation for a cheater is that he has to have not the only skill of bottom dealing but he also have to shuffle the cards in such a manner that those cards which he has matched for himself as the desirable ones would always be there where he thinks they are. That one calls for a great and absolutely pure attention along with the pair of really smart and clever hands.

When used with the mechanics grip it becomes a very powerful poker-cheating maneuver.

How is Bottom Dealing Performed?

When the desired card is at the bottom of the cards deck, the cheater deals normally to his opponents and when the turn comes to him, the dealer deals himself the bottom card using the mechanics grip to conceal his cheating actions with his fingers. Expert-leveled bottom dealers can even perform this maneuver in such a professional way that he can trick even seasoned players that are staring directly at the bottom of the deck.


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