The Role of Women Need to Reviewed and Stressed In the Game of Poker

In the famous Las Vegas strip, I spent a good time in the poker room in the current year’s Poker World Series. Most of the rooms were busier than normally expected, and rightly so. I was made to wait even at smaller casinos that usually do not have customers. At the tables, I observed the characters which were mostly men with an age range between twenty to fifty years, and this particular phenomenon is not so special in the scenario of the casinos in Las Vegas.

Where are female poker players?

In the recent months, I have played in various places from the Atlantic City to Aruba, witnessing the same situation at every table that is one is a clone of the other. Generally every space is occupied by a male player accompanied with a heterogeneous mixture of young supporters and middle aged folks. Even the poker at the tournament follows the same way. In the current year, approximately eight and a half thousand players participated in the main event of WSOP that is a staggering figure. But merely two fifty of them were women. In a great game where there is no gender bias as such, the biggest tournament hosted a paltry three percent of total participants women, and this does make one wonder that where the female players are.

Women and poker

Previously I had commented that in regard of the poker game, the women players have the capability to exhibit their prowess in a more natural manner. It is a sorry case for the men, but the women have a psychological edge over the male players. The patience that they possess, and the mental endurance, determination and similar attributes that they bear convert them into potent players of poker.

Still, even when all these abilities are prevalent in women, their participation rate is not as much as their male counterparts. The ‘Chris Moneymaker Scheme’ triggered the poker to another level and the new stars of the game have been predominantly male of the likes Michael “the Grinder” Mizrachi, Gavin Smith and Joe Hachem. But the question is where can we find the next Kathy Liebert and Anny Duke? When Anny Duke showed her prowess in Montana, the things were not so easy, that’s about ten years ago. According to her the more aged pros did not took her win sportingly due to the reason that she tactfully took their money which they thought they all deserved. There was not a single given day that she did not get to experience the ‘C’ word. I just wonder whether there is any sociological effect that keeps the fairer sex out of the poker arena. Our culture still cannot do with the success of women and poker is certainly not an area for the women according to the male players, at least hypothetically.

Let us be more rejoiced and celebrate the good times in poker as the ratings by the television and the entry numbers in the tournament have attained record highs. But let us keep in mind that poker game is not for everyone. To improve the sport, we need more women members as active participants. 


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