Duel - Poker TV Show for Game Lovers


So the Duel is a poker game show which concept lies somewhere between the two most know shows as World Series of Poker and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Such an idea was inspired by the show’s website. The first season of this show took place back in 2007 and was held during a week and consisted of six episodes starting from December 17 till December 23 from Monday to Friday and the final battle on Sunday. This was a head-to-head format show and players had to answer the general questions. You must certainly right now become a little bit frustrated or even puzzled and asked: Then …

Where is This Show’s Relation to the Poker?

Brace yourself as during the game players have a right to bet, wager and even bluff on answering the questions and increasing the final jackpot. Moreover the poker attributes are also used.

What’s the Point of the Duel?

The point of the Duel show is the following. Each player begins a show with 10 chips each worth 5000$, as you’ve understood the entire sum is 50 000 for the personal usage of each player. Just before each question is asked the display rises between the players to conceal their answers from each other. Each question was a multiple choice with four possible answers where there was the only one right. The questions were read by the anchor while the opponents betted with their chips to cover one chip per one choice. Each player had the possibility to cover any number of choices, though the main target in this show was to win money but not to waste them. That’s why when the wrong answers were matched by chips along with the right one, those chips which were placed on the wrong ones, were added to the jackpot.

The opponents were allowed to choose any number of choices as yet they had enough chips.

The duel show took place until at least one of the two opponents failed to cover the correct answer to any of the questions. In case only one opponent failed to answer in the right way, that opponent was eliminated and all the chips the defeated opponent had not yet played were not added to the jackpot but those chips which were placed on the wrong answers were. The one who won became the champion and received the value of any chips they still possessed, along with those which were covering the right answer. That money was his/her to keep, without mentioning outcome of future duels. As there were several semifinals in the entire show, the winners of each semifinal were invited to the final part of the Duel to play for the whole value of the jackpot.

Defining the Winner

The final round of Duel show was played the same way as the previous rounds of Duel, again the lost chips continued to be added to the jackpot. The one who was lucky to become a winner in the last or final part of the Duel received the jackpot.

The shows' winner of the Duel jackpot was a player whose name is Ashlee Register. Her total grand was almost $1.8 million dollars which were successfully added to the previous amount of winnings. That story has made her the first female which managed to win the highest amount of money in the US show of that time.


$ 8.393.204.83