Joker Poker

Casino Las Vegas prides itself on having some of the best Poker games out there. However, there's always room for more and this online casino isn't shy about adding onto its roster when it means bringing something new and unique to its players. That's why they've added the game Joker Poker, a unique video poker experience, it its list of available games.

What is Joker Poker?

Joker Poker is a simple to learn and easy to play version of video poker. Players are dealt five cards, and then they choose which ones they want to keep. Once players have exchanged the cards they don't want it's time to lay down the hand and see just what's on the table and who has the bigger hand. However, Joker Poker comes with a surprise; Jokers are wild! Wild cards aren't typically a factor in video poker games, which is one thing that makes Joker Poker that much more unique and fun. If a player gets a Joker then it's a wild card that can fill in for any other card out there. The game will automatically try to build the highest possible hand when a player has a Joker, thereby ensuring that the player has the best possible chance to beat the house and come out as a winner!

How Many Hands?

Unlike other video poker games players can play up to a hundred hands. Whether a player just wants to go in for a single hand or they want to go all the way to the triple digits though is completely up to that particular player. However, what makes Joker Poker unique is that it puts the option out there for players that want to play and keep on playing no matter what happens.

Just One More Great Game

Joker Poker can be played for cash or for free, depending on what a player is in the mood for. However, it is just one more great way to play poker. When players get tired of Joker Poker, or they find that it really isn't their scene of choice, that's no reason to give up hope. After all, Casino Las Vegas has dozens of different options for video poker. With all that variety there is something for everyone. All an interested player has to do is click here to play other video poker games at Casino Las Vegas. However, only with this game will players find that the Jokers are truly wild!


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