Poker Gossips - Who is the Best Player?


A lot of people envisions poker as a strict type of casino game more than a game of odds. This is because a lot of them are ignorant with the techniques used in playing it. This concept is so common among newbies and those who are not into playing poker. If there is a higher odd in playing this game, anyone would lose greatly and no one will be blamed because it is based on luck. But this is just all about human nature. The reality is that there are lots of good players in poker because there techniques that a player can use to be able to increase their chances of winning the game.

Poker is more similar to chess wherein you need to have the skills to win. Do you know that poker will require you to use mathematical analysis to be able to master the game? A lot of players were able to win in poker tours because they didn’t depend in their chances to win. They do their math and they calculate well to be able to understand the hand in poker. Do you know some masters in poker? Even though you cannot beat them and the records that they have made, if you will play like them, you will surely love poker.

If you want to find some inspiration to play poker, read about the most talented poker players, who have proved that they really know how to play poker and moreover, how o perform it successfully.

  • Stu Ungar may not be able to stay in poker for so long, his victories made a history. During his time, he was known to be an unstoppable player because he never failed to make his fans proud of him but he weren’t able to won a lot of games compared to other prominent players in poker due to disappearing in the limelight because of drug addiction. Later on he had a serious problem in gambling so he often lose his earnings won in poker due to betting on horses and other types of gambling games. He was a genius in poker because he has the math intelligence and the reading capacity needed in poker.
  • Doyle Brunson is known to be a legend in poker. A lot of poker players known him. For a lot of years his manual in poker titled super system was well thought off as a bible in poker. A lot of newbies are always looking for this guide to help them in entering a tournament. He won 1976’s & 1977’s main event in poker and he crashed the 2005 6 max NL tour. He is the 2nd all-time after Hellmuth having 10 bracelets won in WSOP and forty cashes. He became so profitable in poker because he has been playing it for more than forty years. He was also known to be the hyper-aggressive players as well.
  • Phil Ivey is one of the youngest poker players at age thirty five. Every player in the world of poker agreed and believed that it’s Phil Ivey who can be the biggest threat to any poker player. He has 8 WSOP bracelets and forty-two money finish. This simply means that the won major tournaments in poker and went home with huge cash prizes too.

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