Poker Variations for All Tastes


There is a plenty of poker game variations which can satisfy even the most unexplainable favors of different level poker players.

It will probably take the whole eternity plus one day to dwell on all of the poker games along with describing their cons and pros in order to impress you but, we know the time factor plays the main part here, so we’ll try to present just the top-5 poker games variations and the type of gaming at gala in brief, so different and so engaging.

Top-5 poker game variations

Texas Hold’em

You’ll not be surprised to know that his poker variation is a king among the others. As soon as almost every poker player has joined the poker-playing community namely from Texas Hold’em, this one will certainly appeal to you. Thanks to the simplicity of the rules along with the possibility to practice bluffing skills this game is a top one in our list. There are different kinds of Texas Hold’em as Limit TH, Pot Limit and No Limit ones each of this variations is a must play for every poker player. If you do not still know the rules, you can find it on this web site. In brief, each player is dealt two hole cards. Each round starts with betting and then another community card is dealt. There are 5 community cards and a player must construct a hand with his two cards plus the community cards. Actually this is really an amazing game that will occupy the special place in your hear of a poker player.

Crazy Pineapple

This one is just great for its betting action without mentioning the pretty nice and fun game’s name. Crazy Pineapple has gained its popularity and fame mostly thanks to its being closely played as Texas Hold’em except that a player here has to collect a hand from the two cards plus 5 community cards, the only difference is that initially a players is dealt three cards and has to discards one of them to create the best hand in the end. So you will fall in love with this game as soon as you give it a try for the first time. Crazy Pineapple has several variations as well as Texas Hold’em, the most played among them is the game with betting limits, as people are just getting crazy with their betting. This poker variation deserves the second place in our list.


Another one poker game rising in its popularity and fame is Badugi. That is an outstanding version of lowball where suits play a main role. Each player’s target here is to make the best four-card low hand, remembering that the pairs and similar suits will play against you. There are three draws, which makes this game so attractive to those players who prefer to meet some challenges in poker.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-Card Stud is a great poker game mostly played in the casual atmosphere at home for example because of its betting action. The five rounds of betting take place and this is what provokes more action than typical rounds of general poker games. It's sometimes named four-up, three down because that’s the way how it's actually played. As soon as you give it a try you may freely consider yourself a poker player of a new level, as it helps you developing your own personal game style.

Chinese poker

This one is rather astonishing. It will feat both the exaltation or challenge hunters and those who like to always have something to choose from. Here you’ll be dealt 13 cards and your main task is to create three hands where two of them will consist of 5 cards and one will contain only three. Engaging and one-of-a-kind 13 cards game will appeal to you is you are ready for a real poker challenge.


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