Sleight of Hand - How to Perform it Smartly


Before revealing the true method of performing the Sleight of a hand in a smart way, it would be glaringly obvious to give the clear definition at first. So what is the Sleight of a hand?

The background of the term hides somewhere deep in the past when the card “magicians” could impress any audience with the cards disappearing randomly from the “magician” hands. The term came to our days and has took on a new significance especially for those who are developing the poker cheating skills in order to impress their friends at a home play for example. So the Sleight of a hand is an ability or a skill to manipulate the cards in such a way that a cheater receives the best cards after the deal and the other players have to stay in total ignorance and must not notice the cheating performance.

How Does it Actually Look in Real Life?

Well, in case you’ve decided to acquire a skill of a professional cheater you are better to have a lot practice before “presenting” it to the audience, of course surreptitiously. Otherwise you will be stuck a label of a cheater and cards manipulator once for all times.

On the other hand in case you will manage to do everything in a right way so that anyone would notice your cheating, it will look approximately the following. The opponents will just see you shuffling the cards, nothing special for the first glance, while you, as a Sleight of a hand skill-owner will know for sure where your hidden and needed card is placed in the deck.

How to Perform it Smartly?

Professional poker cheaters advice to smile, tells some stories, stimulate a discussion or just entertain your opponents during your shuffling. Other good variant is to smoothly pay their attention somewhere else but not at your hands action. What you need to have is a smart skillful hands tailored at cheating, clever mind and communicative skill. Sleight of a hand is a common skill for those again who made a lot of practice, even for several years before performing it to the public.

One of the variants the sleight of a hand-cheater can also use for his purposes is to stealthily hide a card somewhere on body or in clothes and use it when the right moment comes. A cheater can also use the advantage of learning the opponent’s cards by means of side-tracking his attention and secretly view the card of his opponent by the slight twist of the fingers, which can’t be anyway noticed by the rest of the players at the table.

Other Variants

There is also another way with the help of which a dealer can take advantage of retaining high-value cards for himself using several quick hands-maneuvers. When a dealer identifies a needed card, he can place it on the top or on the bottom of the current deck and after that shuffle the cards in a certain way so as to keep in mind these cards position. As a result, when dealing the cards he will give the cards to the players in that way that desired cards will appear in his hand just like that.


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