Top Poker Hands Ranking

Variations are one of the most interesting parts of any game, whether it is poker, online blackjack, online slots. The object of each poker variant is to get the best cards combination from the hole or pocket cards and community exposed cards. Here we offer the description of top poker hands from the the highest to lowest one. If you feel that poker is not for you and you would rather play casino games then have a look at which will show you different kinds of offerings the top quality casinos offer players. To describe the examples of all hands we used such abbreviations: K - King, Q - Queen, A - Ace, J - Jack, H - Hearts, S - Spades, C - Clubs, D - Diamonds.

Royal Flush is counted as the best of the top poker hands which is in fact the straight flush (the succession of the cards of one suit) from Ace to ten: 10S, JS, QS, KS, AS.

Straight Flush is five cards in succession of the same suit. For instance: QH, JH, 10H, 9H, 8H.

Four of a Kind is the poker hand which contains four cards with one value. The suit does not matter. For instance: 8S, 8D, 8C, 8H, AH.

Full House is the poker hand which contains three cards from the same value and two other cards from another rank no matter the suit. For example: AS, AD, 6S, 6D, 6C.

Flush is poker hand which consists of five cards with the same suit. For instance: QH, 10H, 7H, 5H, 4H.

Straight contains five cards consecutively numbered no matter the suit. In the Straights Ace can be counted both as the highest and lowest card. For example: KD, QC, JH, 10S, 9H.

Three of a Kind is poker hand which consists of three cards of one rank. The cards suit isn’t taken into consideration. For example: 10S, 10D, 10H, JS, KC.

Two Pair is poker hand which consists of two cards of the same rank and two cards of another rank. In Two Pair the suit is not taken into account. For instance: 7C, 7H, 9S, 9D, JH.

One Pair is poker hand which has two cards of one value. For example: QD, QS, 10S, JH, 8H.

High Card is the poker hand which doesn’t contain the mentioned above cards combinations. The value of High Card is indicated by the strongest card. For instance: KS, 10H, 7C, 5S, 2D. The other simple example of such hand can be 7S, 2D, AH, 10H, JC.


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