Poker Variation with the Best Odds

Poker is actually a card game that involves betting and individual play. The poker winner is declared by the ranks and the combinations of his cards, with some of the cards remaining hidden till the end of the play. The procedures of betting vary with different poker games including the betting limits and the rules of splitting the pot between a low hand and a high hand. While playing poker online you can actually share the fun of your favorite game with hundreds of players at any time, 24 hours and 7 days a week. And sometimes you don’t even have to install poker download software as the game is available right in your web-browser. However, downloadable software usually offers better graphics and sound, which helps you to immerse into game. Installing it is easy; just follow the instructions from Bovada on the image below.

Online poker history began with the history of poker itself, which has been around for thousands of years all over the world from France to China to Spain and Persia. In 1834 the game was officially given the name of "poker". Jonathan H. Green wrote about "the cheating game" that was played on the Mississippi riverboats with only 22 cards. This developed into the modern day game of poker with all its glorious tournaments and fascinating poker freerolls.

Online poker was invented nearly nine years ago, but the first games presented themselves in 1998, received a huge boost in 2002, after the World Poker Tour was launched on the Travel Channel. Nowadays you can play online poker virtually at any online casino.

Here are several of most popular variations of online poker:

Texas Hold Em: This is one of the games that received the most attention and is played by online as well as in the casinos. This is a community poker game in which every player has to  use any of the combinations of the five community cards along with own 2 hole cards. This is direct contrast with the poker variants such as stud or draw and all the players hold a different individual hand. In order to be a successful player you should use a Texas Holdem strategy that suits you game style best.

Omaha Poker: The game of Omaha comes in different variants such as Omaha High and Omaha High or Low. The Omaha Poker game is very similar to Texas Hold ‘Em, but uses more hole cards and the final round must consist of two player cards and three from the table.

Seven Card Stud: This is one of the most frequently played games and many online poker rooms are dedicated to this game. The only real variant of this game is High or Low because the other forms, such as Razz, or Seven Card Stud are played mostly in reverse. This helps you to focus on your worst hand while still allowing a chance for a big score.


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