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The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide

The professionals of Full Tilt Poker include the best and most famous poker players in the world. These legends has banded together to create the instant classic of the genre and for sure the industry standard

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The Theory of Poker

Many of today’s top poker players will tell you that this is the book that really made a difference in their play. That is, these are the ideas that separate the experts from the typical players. Those who read and study this book will literally leave behind those who don’t, and most serious players wear the covers off their copies. This is the best book ever written on poker.

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A Course in Power Poker

This is the classic book on every major no-limit game played today and is considered by the pros to be one of the best books ever written on poker! Jam-packed with advanced strategies, theories, tactics and money-making techniques - no serious poker player can afford to be without this essential book!

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Poker Limp Questions

Would it be smart to limp in?

One common question that people ask is if it would be smart to limp in or not.

What is limping, anyway?

Limping would refer to simply calling the game’s big blind instead of raising or folding.
The first thing that poker teaches us is to be selective about the hands that we play. The worst thing that poker novices could do is play too many hands. Second of all, whenever you do play a hand, you should do so aggressively. Therefore, raising and betting would be smart if your hands are good.

Would limping in relate to these principles?

As with a lot of other things in poker, it would really depend on the overall circumstances.

When would limping in be recommended in Texas Holdem?

Positioning – whenever you find yourself in the middle or late position, you can let yourself limp in every so often. If you happen to be the first few players on the big blind’s left, there are high chances of you getting raised, though.

Table Norm – if the majority of the hands get raised pre-flop, there is no way you should limp unless your hand is great and you wish to raise the following raiser. If the majority of the hands are not raised, it would be alright to limp in.

Your Personal Hand – hands that you should want to use to limp in would be hands known as “hands that win a lot and lose a little”. Among such hands would be low pairs up to 6 and their suited connectors. If you have these hands and don’t get better on the flop, there is no way you can win the pot. But if you end up hitting good cards and get two pairs, trips, a flush or a straight, you will probably pay out.

No-Limit Texas Holdem vs. Limit Texas Holdem – with limit games of Texas Holdem, try not to limp in too often since you will probably limp in with average hands that don’t pay off in the long run when it comes to limit games. Within no-limit games of Texas Holdem, however, if you turn average hands into two pairs, trips, or other strong hands, you could win a huge pot, which will pay off for any loses. Therefore, it would be alright to limp in every once in a while.

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Poker Limp

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