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The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide

This book is the most complete guide on poker gambling, created by legends of poker game who share their game secrets with players.

Amazon price: $18.99

The Theory of Poker

Poker is a serious game and it requires strong skill to be beaten by a player. Theory is the first step to obtain them. After all, that is all about game basis.

Amazon price: $19.77

A Course in Power Poker

You will never be a poker professional without strategy or game tactic to follow. Find all you need to achieve your goal at this poker manual.

Amazon price: $19.77


Welcome to my site

Daniel Spolsky has PhD in philosophy. He is one of the famous poker players in Nebraska. This is his personal site about online poker, where he describes all things which are connected with this game, starting from rules, tips, strategies and up to bluffing and maths decisions which can help to beat your rivals at poker table.

This site was created for people who enjoy to play online casino games and are sure that hope to win at slots or poker in Vegas is not that good like playing poker using free poker money for real or playing for real money. Online gambling has almost nothing common with the traditional one, especially when we speak about game procedure and some above game factors. Even those, who’ve played poker game in land based casino or with friends should get acquainted with the details on online poker and rulet online to understand what is going on at online table. You may be sure that you will be able to use this knowledge in casinos in Canada, Australia, UK and all other countries as all online gambling houses have very common descriptions and main principles.

To get success in gambling you have to work hard as well as in any other activity. Only fools think that it enough to be lucky to win. Luck is not the determining factor especially when we talk about poker. In poker you only are responsible for the game outcome. But why is poker game like this? Why luck is the least thing you need for win?

Some people are sure that online poker is very similar to video poker game. In fact that is one of the common misbelieves which make people lose the game. The difference is like between real and online bingo, or other real and virtual gambling games. Playing video poker you play with machine, which has no brains. Video poker is kind of a slot machine at which you can influence somehow the result of the game. But poker is the game which is played against other players so be prepared to tension! Check out the list of best online casinos in order to find the most suitable place to play your favorite game.

Many of casino visitors actually do not care what game to play, it just has to bring money. Poker is not for this type of players. Those who need money only should play slots and roulette, there is no place for them at poker table. There are many players who start to play poker only with hope that it will bring them thousands of dollars, and when they lose all the time they are disappointed. If money is all you need, try real money slot machines right now, really good stuff there, including life-changing jackpots, high payouts, and easy game running. Take a look at some of the live online casinos, if you want to play casino game with players, dealer and other integral elements of real games.

If gambling is not only the way to make money for you, you should definitely try to play poker! Of course, it will take some time to learn out the game, but it will be easier for you to play. You can also learn game playing it for free, fortunately this option is available in most of the modern casinos. If you have a lot of friends it will be also great experience for you to hold home poker tours where you will be able to compete against each other trying out different strategies.

Poker is game which must be mastered, but unlike other games which require from you lots of efforts, it may be enjoy be you even when you lose. Just watch at other players at the table, remember their facial expressions, their gestures, the smallest details of their behavior, and at the end of the game you will be able to make conclusions which will change you game style!

Do not be upset if your results in first game are bad and you lose. Losing is one of the poker game elements and you should be ready for them. Also keep in mind that poker is one of the games which are profitable in long running, so if you think that you will win millions with one game, you are mistaken. Prepare yourself for hard working if you want to become successful poker player. The best way to improve your skills is to play constantly. Find the best poker games at uk online casino and you will see, that poker can be as much beneficial as interesting.

Get acquainted with all the game secrets and details at This site will be your guide to the world of poker, which is the world of fun and winnings! You gambling life starts here - Ikibu casino review by HolyMolyCasinos.

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1 Carbon Poker Carbon Poker
100% $500 100
2 PokerStars PokerStars
100% $50 100
3 Bwin Bwin
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4 Titan Poker Titan Poker
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5 Sportsbook Sportsbook
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Mathematical Decisions

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Useful info

Visit Online casino spotlight - place where you will find everything which is neccesary for successful gambling. Learn how to play or spil casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and more. Learn how to play slots machines like a pro at Its fun and highly enjoyable!

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Poker Limp

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To War or Not to War

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