Draw Poker vs Stud Poker Games

When you step up into the new world of poker it always seems engaging and challenging to try every possible game variation and which is more important, try to understand the difference between the terms. Just because right now you are reading this article, you probably know something about poker itself already. So now we are going to try finding the convergence point between two most played poker variants Draw Poker and Stud Poker. We are not going to peddle our own ideas about them, just compare them by means of defining the distinctive features similarities.

Similar Features

Both these games are played using the original 52 cards deck. In these both games the players are dealt 5 hole cards. The first betting round in both poker variants takes place after the entire players were dealt their 5 cards. Each player here has a possibility to call, raise or fold. The cards ranks are the same in Draw poker and in Stud pokers as well as the showdown takes place in the end of both games as in the other variants of poker games by default. The players here are playing against each other and the dealer. Well, in general these were the main similarities between Draw Poker and the Stud Poker games.

Distinctive Features

Well now the most interesting part will take its space in this article! The differences between these extremely popular poker game variations are so vivid that it can’t be just ignored.

The greatest difference here is that Draw poker gives players an opportunity to exchange their cards before he showdown. Namely it can be said that each player here actually has an opportunity to choose whether or not to play the initial 5 cards, that what makes the greatest difference. In the stud poker games there is another advantage that plays as a magnet for the poker players all over the globe. First of all the dealer here is also dealt 5 cards. Each betting round is called a Street here and the number of the street is determined by the number of the cards each player is holding. Another greatest difference between these two kinds of poker is determined by the betting rounds and their volume as well.

Each of these two poker variations can simply be called “Babylon” as both of them have given a life for a great amount of games variations based upon them. So the list of those variations can freely be found on this website or in the web.


No matter what game variation you choose it is always advisable to remember that poker game calls for understanding it rules and a good game play is the basis for the poker skills development of a professional player. Anyway we wish you to have much fun and enjoy the poker game you choose. Good luck in becoming a poker star!


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